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Welcome to The Lost Clan webpage
We are a multi-gaming clan our goal is not to win every match we play but to have fun while playing the match.
Our main games are as listed, Crossfire (CF), Lord of The Rings Online (LoTRO), Urban Terror (Server coming as soon as i get the money), Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Multiplayer (GTA SA:MP), We do not require you to wear tags in Crossfire, or Lord of the rings, but to only sign up to join the clan, and kinship.

  •  Do not accuse of hacking (Crossfire, Urban Terror)
  •  Do not steal from the business/house (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer)
  •  Do not steal from the Kinship bank (Lord of The Rings Online)
  •  Abide by the server rules (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer)
  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: Kick, with warning
  • Third offense: One hour ban
  • Fourth offense: Twelve hour ban
  • Fifth offense: Twenty-four hour ban
  • Sixth offense: Three day ban
  • Seventh offense: Permanent ban
  • Note: If very offensive, you will receive what admin thinks is right.

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